a cubist film or a portrait of Miriam Goldschmidt

“Woman without Mandolin” is a portrait of Miriam Goldschmidt and a cubist film. The intention is to rethink cubism as a film medium by using digital motion compositing combined with a visual concept in which I simultaneously use different cameras in different angles to capture several perspectives of the same subject.

Regie: Fabiano Mixo / Kamera: Alex Bloom /
Art Direction: Barbara Lenartz

EMAF Media Arts Award of German Film Critics – 2016
Best Experimental Film Prize at the at the 26th MEDIAWAVE – 2016
Lumen Prize Audience Award – 2015

LICHTER Art Award – Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2016
11th Soirée Allemande – Clermont-Ferrand, France 2016
7th Screengrab International Media Arts Award – Townsville, Australia 2015
The Lumen Prize Exhibition – Worldwide tour | Wales, UK 2015